COA and St. George Fire collecting fans and air-conditioners for seniors

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some senior citizens in the Baton Rouge area are calling on the community to help them beat the heat. Many of them do not have air conditioning or fans to cool off.

On any given day you'll find a great group of seniors gathered around the auditorium at the baton rouge council on aging (COA). They come to socialize, volunteer, play cards, anything to get out of the heat.

Director of resource development for the COA, Corey Williams, said when the temperatures rise the seniors start pouring in.

"It's very hot and seniors can face a lot of health issues and crisis," Williams said.

They stay active in air conditioning at the COA but when they leave a lot of them go home to houses with no cooling system.

Senior citizen, Aquanetta Moses, said she has been there.

"Even if you have a ceiling fan sometimes you have to get right up under the fan if you don't have air conditioning," Moses said.

The COA surprised Moses and more than a dozen seniors with box fans last summer. They were all donations. The St. George fire district is partnering with the COA again this summer to help keep seniors safe.

"We do respond to a number of, and have responded to a number of medical calls this summer of people under heat stress or suspected heat stroke," said Eldon Ledoux with the St. George Fire District.

Moses and her friends enjoy spending time together at the COA but they said they want to make sure every senior has a refreshing showplace when they return home.

"We worked, we volunteered, we took care of your children probably at one point in time. We need fans. So now it's time that you can do something for us," Moses said.

Moses said she is proof one donation can change the hand they've been dealt.

Only new box fans or A/C units are being accepted at any one of eight St. George fire stations.

The COA will distribute them at the end of June.