Gov. Jindal signs 106 House bills into law

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Governor Bobby Jindal has signed the following bills from the House of Representatives into law:

HB 9 by Rep. P. Williams: Increases the jurisdictional amount in dispute in the City Court of Shreveport.

HB 10 by Rep. Pearson: Adds certain hallucinogenic substances to the list of Schedule I controlled dangerous substances.

HB 15 by Rep. Mack: Adds certain compounds to the Schedule I classification of controlled dangerous substances.

HB 16 by Rep. Dixon: Provides transfer of certain state property in Rapides Parish to the city of Pineville.

HB 18 by Rep. Danahay: Relates to meetings of the Sulphur Industrial Development District.

HB 36 by Rep. Danahay: Relates to the Sheriffs' Pension and Relief Fund.

HB 37 by Rep. N. Landry: Requires promulgation of actuarial assumptions by the board of trustees for the Registrars of Voters Employees' Retirement System

HB 38 by Rep. Greene: Relates to employee contributions in the Registrars of Voters Employees' Retirement System.

HB 44 by Rep. Hazel: Relates to the Firefighters' Retirement System.

HB 59 by Rep. Honore: Relates to offender treatment and rehabilitation.

HB 69 by Rep. Brossett: Relates to property tax assessment in Orleans Parish.

HB 70 by Rep. Fannin: Relates to the Bienville Parish Ward 4 and 5 Fire Protection District.

HB 76 by Rep. Hoffmann: Extends the sunset date for real estate appraisal management company licensing application assessments.

HB 89 by Rep. Hoffmann: Provides relative to the definition of students with exceptionalities as it relates to the use of reclusion and restraint.

HB 93 by Rep. Thierry: Relates to the Opelousas City Court.

HB 96 by Rep. Broadwater: Relates to the selection and terms of fiscal agents of waterworks districts.

HB 99 by Rep. Schexnayder: Repeals provisions relative to the Garyville Timbermill Museum.

HB 105 by Rep. Whitney: Relates to the jury commission in Terrebonne Parish.

HB 107 by Rep. Badon: Changes the boundaries of the McKendall Estates Neighborhood Improvement District in Orleans Parish.

HB 112 by Rep. Hill: Relates to mayor's courts in certain municipalities.

HB 114 by Rep. K. Jackson: Repeals certain restrictions on the acceptance of public funds by certain financial institutions.

HB 119 by Rep. Lorusso: Clarifies that the Housing Authority of New Orleans is not an instrumentality of the state.

HB 140 by Rep. Gisclair: Relates to the Lafourche Parish Tourist Commission.

HB 142 by Rep. Dove: Provides for new type of crab traps.

HB 148 by Rep. Pierre: Relates to motorcycle insurance and driver's license endorsement.

HB 153 by Rep. Foil: Relates to a income tax deduction check off box.

HB 159 by Rep. T. Landry: Creates a prestige license plate for the March of Dimes.

HB 166 by Rep. Anders: Relates to trees, timber and pulpwood.

HB 169 by Rep. Mack: Relates to the judgeships in certain judicial districts.

HB 171 by Rep. Chaney: Designates portions of certain state highways after certain law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

HB 172 by Rep. Dove: Names Grand Isle bivalve hatchery the "Michael C. Voisin Hatchery."

HB 173 by Rep. Hazel: Relates to Louisiana's safe haven law.

HB 176 by Rep. Ritchie: Relates relative to withdrawals from cemetery merchandise trust funds.

HB 177 by Rep. Leger: Designates the Institute for Public Health and Justice as an advisor to the Legislature on matters related to youth in the criminal justice system and youth with behavioral needs.

HB 184 by Rep. Honore: Allows certain nonprofit organizations to obtain criminal history record and identification files for applications to certain programs.

HB 186 by Rep. Burns: Provides for a route designation change for the transportation of hazardous materials to complete I-49N.

HB 192 by Rep. Edwards: Provides for the continuous revision of the Code of Civil Procedure.

HB 200 by Rep. Anders: Relates to landscape architects.

HB 202 by Rep. Anders: Relates to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

HB 207 by Rep. Carmody: Relates to public postsecondary education management boards.

HB 216 by Rep. Shadoin: Relates to the abilities of the Patient's Compensation Fund Oversight Board.

HB 218 by Rep. Norton: Allows operators of certain autocycles to obtain regular driver's licenses.

HB 219 by Rep. Jefferson: Relates to adoptive parents.

HB 222 by Rep. T. Burns: Relates to certified public accountants.

HB 227 by Rep. Lorusso: Changes requirements for board members of the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana.

HB 236 by Rep. Leopold: Increases penalties for certain oyster harvesting violations.

HB 239 by Rep. Shadoin: Designates a portion of Highway 33 in Union Parish as the "James Peyton Smith Bridge."

HB 241 by Rep. Wilmott: Relates to the office of aging and adult services.

HB 246 by Rep. Gisclair: Provides for the transfer of certain state property in Lafourche Parish.

HB 253 by Rep. Leopold: Relates to polling places.

HB 261 by Rep. Hazel: Relates to the term of imprisonment concerning prostitution.

HB 262 by Rep. St. Germain: Relates to fire marshal investigations.

HB 265 by Rep. Ivey: Provides for lifetime concealed handgun permits.

HB 272 by Rep. Greene: Related to applications for professional geoscientists and geoscientists-in-training.

HB 274 by Rep. Talbot: Extends the time period in which a homestead exemption may be claimed under certain circumstances.

HB 286 by Rep. Brossett: Relates to the Southeast La. Flood Protection Authorities.

HB 287 by Rep. Danahay: Relates to fire protection district board members in Calcasieu Parish.

HB 291 by Rep. Price: Changes composition and requirements relative to Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunity.

HB 298 by Rep. Chaney: Adds two members to the La. Commission on Civic Education.

HB 303 by Rep. Dixon: Provides for notice requirements in unemployment compensation.

HB 307 by Rep. Lambert: Relates to certain decisions of the Department of Environmental Quality.

HB 312 by Rep. Lorusso: Helps returning service members, veterans and theirs spouses who have relocated come back to Louisiana by extending the time periods for renewing their state or professional licenses.

HB 316 by Rep. K. Jackson: Relates to state agency reporting.

HB 345 by Rep. Garofalo: Extends the oyster seed ground vessel permit program.

HB 351 by Rep. Leopold: Relates to bridges.

HB 355 by Rep. LeBas: Relates to state prescription monitoring program information.

HB 373 by Rep. Franklin: Relates to special licenses plates.

HB 378 by Rep. Leger: Relates to promotion of the charter boat fishing industry.

HB 383 by Rep. Lopinto: Relates to the Jefferson Parish hospital service district.

HB 386 by Rep. Leopold: Relates to sponsorship of signs on certain state assets.

HB 389 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to Twinbrook Security District in Orleans Parish.

HB 390 by Rep. LeBas: Relates to accreditation for colleges of pharmacy.

HB 396 by Rep. T. Landry: Relates to traffic signals.

HB 409 by Rep. Johnson: Relates to railroad employees.

HB 416 by Rep. Connick: Relates to income tax check-off for Crescent City Connection Bridge and New Orleans ferries.

HB 419 by Rep. Johnson: Names a bridge located on U.S. 190 in Pointe Coupee Parish as the "Nickie Gene Voinche Memorial Bridge."

HB 421 by Rep. Ponti: Relates to certain schools of construction.

HB 469 by Rep. Adams: Relates to volunteer firemen.

HB 473 by Rep. Pugh: Relates to the Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission.

HB 483 by Rep. N. Landry: Relates to tax credit for musical or theatrical facility infrastructure projects.

HB 486 by Rep. Reynolds: Designates a portion of Interstate 20 in honor of Sergeant Joshua Tomlinson.

HB 491 by Rep. Pylant: Permits the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Development to issue permits to vehicles hauling hay during times of disaster.

HB 503 by Rep. Armes: Relates to the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

HB 504 by Rep. Moreno: Relates to the New Orleans Municipal Court.

HB 510 by Rep. Chaney: Relates to the Louisiana Board of Animal Health.

HB 512 by Rep. Moreno: Relates to the interruption of time limitations for the commencement of a criminal trial.

HB 524 by Rep. Burrell: Relates to insurance.

HB 539 by Rep. Harris: Relates to the Avoyelles Parish School Board.

HB 543 by Rep. Pierre: Relates to surplus lines insurance.

HB 547 by Rep. Price: Relates to used motor vehicles.

HB 554 by Rep. Garofalo: Creates the Fort Pike Fire Protection District in Orleans Parish.

HB 561 by T. Burns: Relates to the coroner of St. Tammany Parish.

HB 566 by Rep. Dixon: Relates to reciprocal overpayment recovery arrangements with federal and state agencies relative to unemployment and compensation.

HB 578 by Rep. N. Landry: Relates to the Louisiana Children's Code regarding provisions on adoptions.

HB 588 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to liberative prescriptive periods.

HB 592 by Rep. Thibaut: Relates to health plan networks.

HB 603 by Rep. Abramson: Relates to the Hurstville Security and Neighborhood Improvement District.

HB 633 by Rep. LeBas: Makes technical corrections to Title 3.

HB 635 by Rep. Williams: Relates to local public school board policies.

HB 658 by Rep. James: Relates to crime prevention and neighborhood improvement in East Baton Rouge Parish.

HB 718 by Rep. Hensgens: Relates to school crisis management and response plans.