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'Pooch Power' picks up after dogs so you don't have to

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Dog owners may now have a reason not to dread picking up after their pet in their back yard or during walks in the park. A new product called the 'Pooch Power' claims to be the next best thing to 'man's best friend'. It's a vacuum that is used to pick up what your dog leaves behind. This week I'm going to 'Try It Before You Buy It.'

The 'Pooch Power' was invented by a Minnesota man to make it easier for his family to cleanup after their dog in the frigid Minnesota winters when everything is frozen. It's now being sold all over the country. In Louisville the product is carried by the Vacuum Authority in Clarksville.

I took the new age pooper scooper to the dog park at Cherokee Park to test it out. I was surprised to find that the 'Pooch Power' was light and manageable. It weighs only four and a half pounds and runs about a week on a single charge. The one problem I found easily was that there wasn't a lot of test 'piles' to pick up at the dog park, mainly because there most people follow directions and pick up after their dogs! After a lengthy search, we did find where some dogs had sneaked off to far corners to do their business and the owners just missed it. The test was now underway.

The first step in using the 'Pooch Power' is to turn on the vacuum via a small switch underneath the handle. Although it's really a re-designed vacuum, it runs much more quietly than those you use in the home. I found that it does a good job at picking up dog waste when it's easily accessible. If it's in high grass or has already been stepped on, it's a little more difficult to vacuum it up cleanly.

Russell Gay, owner of the Vacuum Authority, brought to my attention that the 'Pooch Power' is also good for golfers wishing to easily pick up their golf balls. The motor provides a decent amount of suction and easily sucks the balls right into the holding chamber.

So what do you do once the 'Pooch Power' is full? Well, you open the main compartment and change bags just as you would with the vacuum cleaner at your home. The specialized collection bags have very small holes in them that allow the suction power of the vacuum to pull through the bag and grab whatever you're trying to vacuum up.

Once all the testing was over I found the 'Pooch Power' to be a tool that works fairly well, that's if you can take the price. It's not cheap. It's retail price is approximately $120, but that very well could be worth it for anyone with back problems who can't bend over to pickup after their dogs, elderly dog owners or for those that just don't like getting hands on with the cleanup.

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