State Police searching for kitten killers

NEW ORLEANS (WAFB) - Louisiana State Police Troop B is investigating the intentional killing of a kitten on the Crescent City Connection Bridge in New Orleans.

It happened on Tuesday, June 4 on the corner of Henderson and Tchoupitoulas Streets, near the entrance of Mardi Gras World and the Tchoupitoulas upramp to the Crescent City Connection.

According to a news release from the Humane Society of Louisiana, Liz Newman, an animal advocate, was driving on the Crescent City Connect Tuesday from the Eastbank to Westbank when she and other motorists spotted a kitten in one of the lanes near the Tchoupitoulas exit. After seeing the kitten, virtually all the cars slowed down, came to a complete stop, and some put on their emergency brake lights.

Liz got out of her car and approached the cat, but forgot to bring a blanket or shirt to put around the kitten, to help secure her during her capture. Liz turned around to retrieve a shirt when one of the vehicles, a white pick-up truck with two or three men in the front, actually sped up and moved forward.

According to the release, Liz yelled at the driver to stop. Reports say if the vehicle had moved forward in a straight line, it would have passed safely over the kitten, who was frozen with fear. Instead, the vehicle turned its wheels, swerved and deliberately ran over the kitten.

The release also says a passenger in the vehicle turned around and laughed at Liz before speeding away. The men in the vehicle are described as being olive-skinned and had dark hair.

The kitten was rushed to a local shelter, where it was decided that she could not survive her injuries and was euthanized.

"I am devastated. I was only a few yards away from rescuing this terrified kitten; in fact, just moments away from preventing its horrible death, when someone had to destroy that opportunity and kill this innocent kitten. It was so pointless and preventable. It appeared that the driver of the truck knew what was occurring, he and his passenger(s) saw that people were trying to help this terrified kitten, and he took it upon himself to deliberately accelerate and swerve to run over this kitten. I am so disappointed in my fellow human beings. It is very hard to get this image out of my mind. I have devoted many, many years of my adult life to saving hundreds of cats, trapping and sterilizing them, so this is especially painful for me," says Liz Newman in a news release from LSP.

"This is so unfortunate. Our humane organization has received more than a dozen reports of cats and kittens being dumped or thrown out in busy traffic over the years, but this one has an especially terrible and brutal ending. We have contacted the Louisiana State Police, which monitors the Crescent City Connection, to help us identify the driver of this vehicle in case the incident was captured on video, and we are offering a $500.00 reward for information that leads the arrest of those responsible. To call in a tip or additional information, please call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE," says Jeff Dorson, HSL Director in the news release.