Cause of Associated Grocers warehouse fire was electrical

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A fire that started just after Noon Wednesday at the Associated Grocers warehouse in Baton Rouge was not completely out until around 10:30 p.m. according to the St. George Fire Department.

The two-alarm fire was at the Associated Grocers warehouse at 8686 Anselmo Lane in Baton Rouge.  Reports say the fire smoldered for many hours due to construction features, including multiple ceilings from having been remodeled.

One veteran firefighter described the blaze as "not nearly the biggest, but the most labor-intensive fire of his career." Six engines, two ladder trucks, a rescue unit, several support units and about 35 personnel were called to the scene.

There were no injuries in the fire and everyone was accounted for.

responded to two-alarm fire at the Associated Grocers warehouse center Wednesday afternoon.

The fire damage was limited to administrative spaces.  The warehouses were not damaged. The corporate headquarters are located next door and were not affected.

According to the St. George Fire Protection District, the most probably cause of the fire was electrical in nature. The fire originated in a space between the ceilings and the roof that is inaccessible.

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