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Contact 9: Entergy transformer ruptures in woman's yard


A Brusly woman reached out to Contact 9 to help with her yard issue. A week ago Monday, Lillie Harrison, a retired plant worker, noticed a smelly oily substance in her yard. A yard that is meticulously clean.

"I contacted Entergy to let them know the transformer was leaking," says Harrison. "They immediately sent someone out to assist me with that. They removed the transformer and they removed approximately eight by ten foot portion of my lawn."

Harrison said when the technician came to her house she learned why the old transformer was still up there. "In this case the old transformer remained on the side of the new transformer," says Harrison. "It was never removed." Back in the 1980's Entergy replaced all of its transformers taking out the old ones that contained the harmful chemical PCB. PCB'S were found to be cancer causing.

After Harrison called Entergy, she called the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. DEQ has launched an investigation into the matter.

"The soil is so saturated with oil or gas the odor is in the air. My eyes are burning my grandson's eyes are burning and I'm trying to keep up my lawn," said Harrison.

Harrison is very proud of her yard. She does the landscaping herself. She isn't upset with Entergy for taking out the section of her yard because they responded to her call so quickly. However, she says the job isn't finished.

We contacted Entergy who confirmed Harrison's dilemma. A spokes person with the electric giant says Harrison is on their list to finish up this week.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality also confirmed they are investigation the matter and will require Entergy to test the soil for the cancer causing chemical PCB.

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