Viewpoint: June 4, 2013

We saw more stunned faces in Oklahoma this week. But, this time it was because something good happened. Veteran Salvation Army workers were overwhelmed when they threw open the doors on an 18-wheeler full of your donations. You put the power in our Power of 9 drive.

Our 9 News crew followed your donations to Oklahoma and saw first-hand the smiles, tears and unbelievable gratitude. An older couple who became homeless in a matter of minutes - a young mother and her three boys – still dirty from the storm debris - but thankful to get something to eat.

The south Louisiana spirit is alive and on the ground in Oklahoma showing how much you truly care. Many of us in south Louisiana have felt the pain of Mother Nature's destructive storms. And, we'd like to this moment to thank you for responding in such a generous and caring way. It's good to know that the Power of 9 rests in you.