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Police shoot Columbus man accused of attacking officers with branch

Robert Cook Sr., 62 (source: Muscogee County Jail) Robert Cook Sr., 62 (source: Muscogee County Jail)

A man was shot by police officers Saturday night when they said he attempted to attack them with a tree limb.

According to an official report, police said Robert Cook Sr., 62, was out of control and terrorizing residents along 12th Avenue when someone finally called 911 just after 9 p.m.

Police caught up with Cook Sr. at Charlie Hill Park and officers said he charged at them, swinging a branch violently.

That stick measured between three and four feet long according to police. Prior swinging the branch at officers, Cook Sr. is accused of chasing children around the neighborhood and breaking the windshield of a passing car.

When police arrived, they said Cook Sr. struck their patrol car several times while attempting to hit them. That's when they shot him in the hip in an effort to defend themselves. Robert Cook Jr. lives down the street and believes his father may have been on drugs. He said his father was just released from jail on Saturday and he may have received psych medication in jail. Combined with street drugs, it may have caused a bad reaction.

"They gave him a 30 day probation violation and once they let him out, he just gets elevated. I saw him a few days ago and I said, 'what is wrong with this man?' but I knew what it was because, those chemicals, he has a problem dealing with drugs in the streets. And once you start mixing those chemicals and those drugs it just overtakes him."

Cook Jr. said he doesn't fault the officers for using force, but he is disappointed with the way they reacted to him when he arrived to ask about his father. He said they accused him of causing a disturbance and told him he was disrupting the crime scene.

"When they saw me coming up, they saw me as a person on the street who was maybe trying to start trouble. Like maybe a wannabe thug whose daddy got shot and now he wants to straighten some things out. But no, I just wanted to inquire: 'did he really get shot?' They were the aggressors. And they're trying to threaten me. They shouldn't threaten anybody with jail just because they are asking questions."

While he understands that police had just finished dealing with a volatile situation, he is seeking an apology from the officers.

Robert Cook Sr. is still in the hospital and has just been released from surgery.  He was last described to be in satisfactory condition.  When he recovers, he will be taken to jail on charges of aggravated assault against a police officer.

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