Lost wedding ring found in trash at Menchie's

Wedding ring found in trash at Menchie's in Denham Springs
Wedding ring found in trash at Menchie's in Denham Springs

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - Employees at Menchie's Frozen Yogurt in Denham Springs are hoping you can help them solve somewhat of a mystery.

A couple of employees found a man's wedding ring in a trash can. The ring appears to be silver or titanium. There are no markings on it.

One of the girls who found the ring says she is pretty sure she will be able to recognize the owner.

"I was outside cleaning tables and there were some men outside talking and I overheard them say something about a wedding ring being in the trash can," said Emily Lanzetta, Menchie's employee.

"Me and her got it and we're going through (the trash). This trash can had so much yogurt in it. So we're just pulling the yogurt out and we get to the bottom and we're like, there's the ring!" said Shannon Brady, Menchie's employee.

The girls say when they went outside to find the guys who were discussing the missing ring, they were already gone.

Managers at Menchie's in Denham Springs are keeping the ring locked away until someone shows up to claim it.

If any of you know the man who lost his ring, please let Menchie's know or call them at 225-243-7292.

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