Former school bus driver pleads guilty to drug trafficking, other charges

Naeemah Emile (Source: BRPD)
Naeemah Emile (Source: BRPD)
Beverly Smith (Source: BRPD)
Beverly Smith (Source: BRPD)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A former East Baton Rouge Parish School System bus driver pleaded guilty Thursday on drug trafficking and money laundering charges. She was sentenced in federal court to 28 months.

The 47 year old Baton Rouge resident, Naeemah Emile, pleaded guilty to money laundering and possession with intent to distribute and distribution of crack cocaine and hydrocodone.

Emile admitted that on May 2, 2012, she and Beverly A. Smith went to a bank where Emile gave one of the tellers a large bag containing $28,000 and 79 grams of crack cocaine.

Emile asked the teller to convert the $28,000 into a cashier's check. They were planning to purchase a vehicle with the cashier's check so the transaction wouldn't be reported to the IRS.

When the teller found the crack cocaine, the teller called police and the two women were taken into custody. During the investigation, agents learned that Emile allowed Smith to use her residence to store crack cocaine and cash.

Two months later, a search warrant was executed at Emile's house. Law enforcement agents found Smith trying to flush 18 grams of crack cocaine down the toilet. Emile was in the kitchen area at the time.

Ten days later, during an undercover transaction, law enforcement agents purchased a small quantity of hydrocodone from Emile and Smith at Smith's residence in Baton Rouge.

Emile will serve her 28 months in federal prison.

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