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Scottsdale doc says simple procedure blasts cellulite away


It's bathing suit season, and many people may be hesitant to take off that cover-up because of cellulite. But a local doctor said a new procedure could put an end to those dimples for good.

"It's hard. As you age, I think it gets harder," said Becky Limberg.

She leads an active lifestyle, but as a working mom she's had to cut back. So when she heard of a procedure that would smooth out her contours without putting her on the couch for weeks, she was all ears.

"I could schedule it in. I don't need to take paid time off," Limberg said.

"Cellulite is best described, though, as not only fatty deposits, they have fibrous tissue attached to them, and that gives you that dimple effect, if you will," said Dr. Kevin Aister with Artemis in Scottsdale.

He said even if you lose weight, the cellulite may not go away. Enter Vasersmooth.

"We use the ultrasound technique and heat technique to cut through these fibrous tissues," Aister said.

Aister said he numbs the area and makes a small incision with the Vasersmooth probe. The probe then cuts through those fibrous bands that cause the dimples.

"Every once in a while, you might get a ting here or there," Limberg said.

It lasts about an hour, and Limberg said she felt some soreness and bruising after.

Aister said the results will depend on your lifestyle.

"If you are a patient who goes out and eats McDonald's every day, you can expect the return of those fatty deposits," Aister said.

But Limberg said she's ready for the heat.

"I feel like I have a head start again. I'm comfortable wearing certain clothes again," she said.

As with most procedures, there are risks of infection. For more information on the procedure, visit

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