EBR Chamber of Commerce holds gun safety course

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Parish Chamber of Commerce sponsored a gun training course in Baker on Saturday morning. The class was free, and organizers say it gave participants a wealth of knowledge when it comes to firearm use in Louisiana.

Former EBR Sheriff Greg Phares and Parish Chamber of Commerce Chairman Woody Jenkins spent the day helping gun owners become more responsible.

Phares and Jenkins, broke down state laws and informed people about their rights and duties if they choose to carry firearms, which Jenkins says is one of the most important lessons of the course.

"People are very concerned about gun safety, about crime and about some of the policies of the Obama administration. So you'll see a real rush for people to defend themselves and get the firearms they need and get the ammunition they need," said Jenkins.

Paul Dietzel was a first time participant of the course, and says it is one that everyone who handles firearms should take.

"It's always good to reassess and see where the laws are," said Dietzel. "There was a lot of interesting questions asked in the class about this or that, and clearly you can't answer all the hypotheticals but it's good to at least be knowledgeable and up to date."

Tony Boudreau became a gun owner this year. While he says he's made sure to do his homework and stay up-to-date on gun laws, he wanted to make sure he and his daughter knows how to handle them too.

"Just like I have power tools in my shed, just like any other guy, you got to read the instruction manual. You got to know the safety features. You got to know when and how to appropriately use it," said Boudreau.

About 20 people took part in Saturday's class. Jenkins says it did not qualify participants for concealed carry permits, but the safety tips and discussions about gun laws are incredibly useful.

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