Trained Assassins, new Louisiana reality show

Trained Assassins, new Louisiana reality show

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The reality TV bug bites Louisiana residents again. This time it's a show that will feature a group of hunters from the Baton Rouge area.

"Trained Assassins" follows a group of crossbow hunters from Louisiana as they travel across North America in pursuit of various kinds of wild game day and night.

Cast member Cragg Fitz says he's been hunting and filming each excursion with this group for close to a decade, but never thought a TV show would be in his future.

"We were sponsored by a few hunting companies, and then they came to us and asked us if we were interested in going to TV, which was never our goal," said Fitz. "But since they came to us, and we were financially backed then we decided to give it a shot."

Fitz says in the first 13 episode season is guaranteed, but beyond that has not been determined.

He says he's just happy for this chance and proud to join the ranks of other Louisiana-based reality shows - many among the hottest shows going.

"People are infatuated with swamps. People are infatuated with alligators. People are infatuated with us still hunting and eating our game that we kill. Because most places in the United States are not like that - they got away from it," said Fitz.

While Fitz says their hunting trips are sure to entertain people, he also hopes he can add more.

"We're going to try to teach them techniques that we use and also let them know exactly how hard it is to actually be able to do this," said Fitz. "Because it takes a lot more than just going to sit in a tree and wait on an animal to come by you."

He also hopes the show can be a tool to educate people who think hunting is just a sport when it's a way of life they've that's been around for generations.

The show premiers this Tuesday night on the Sportsman's Channel at 5 p.m.

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