Viewpoint: May 17, 2013

Each year, WAFB is proud to honor the valedictorians in our community through our "Best of the Class" program. These students deserve to be acknowledged for their amazing accomplishments in the classroom.

But, we would also like to take a moment to salute the parents and guardians of these students, whose sacrifice, support and guidance provide the foundations necessary for students to realize their potential. Education in the state of Louisiana has certainly received its fair share of criticism, so we feel it is imperative to not only recognize the achievement of our students, but to also say thank you to those who give them the tools for success.

While the time and sacrifice required to be successful in the classroom may not be easy, the investment in our children and in their future is absolutely worth it, as they are our future leaders. So, congratulations both parents and students. Enjoy the moment, you've certainly earned it.