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Dog training service sees increase in customers wanting protection dogs


Home security has always been on people's minds. But the owner of Delta Canine Services said he's seeing more customers asking him to turn man's best friend into a lean, mean, fighting machine.

"The dog gives me a great sense of security when I'm at home. I can take the dog with me," said Lisa Goldstein. When she got Apollo 2 1/2 years ago, she didn't just want to teach him the basics.

"He's trained just to protect me," Goldstein said. "He's not a guard dog. He's not an attack dog. He will only bite if I have commands that I tell him."

That's where Bob Solimini with Delta Canine Services comes in. Once Solimini is suited up, it's time to get Apollo riled up.

"The dog is just a pet dog, right up until someone does something to do harm to you," Solimini said.  He has been training dogs for 22 years. Before he even begins training, he makes sure the dog is capable of learning.

"We test their prey drive, their desire to chase and grab things," Solimini said.

He said German Shepherds like Apollo make great pupils. While Goldstein said she hasn't had to unleash Apollo yet, knowing she can gives her peace of mind.

"Somebody, you know, says anything or wants to mug you, attack you, I don't feel worried," she said.

Delta Canine Services isn't cheap. 10 weeks of classes will cost $2,000. But they have some cheaper options. For details, visit:

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