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Beer shoplifter pepper-sprays Piggly Wiggly employees

Victoria Owens, 52  source: Phenix City Police Victoria Owens, 52 source: Phenix City Police

Police say a woman walked into a Ladonia Piggly Wiggly with a plan to get free beer.

But as she soon found out, the plan was doomed to fail, and the situation quickly got out of control.

News Leader Nine's Dante Renzulli first learned about this incident by checking the Neighborhood Watch Group on Facebook.

Police said this started out as a simple case of shoplifting beer- the kind you may expect from an underage minor- except the accused woman is 52-years-old.

According to police, Victoria Owens attempted to sneak a beer into her purse while at the Piggly Wiggly on Highway 80 in Ladonia.

When a store employee confronted her, she pepper-sprayed him in the face and tried to run away, but she was stopped at the door by employees.

Police arrived and put Owens in handcuffs, then sat her on a chair in the middle of a store aisle while they took a report. 

Piggly wiggly management said a rumor has been circulating that store employees tied Owens to a chair, but it's not true.  The spokesman tells us the only restraints Owens received were the handcuffs from police.

Now, instead of a small charge of shoplifting, Owens is facing a felony count of robbery. 

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