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Lake Charles couple helps deliver grandchild in vehicle


It was an unusual morning for the Jones family in Lake Charles.

Dianne Jones and her husband, Darrell, never thought they would have to deliver their daughter D'Andre's baby. 

"About 4-something this morning, my husband left to go to work ... my daughter got up to use the bathroom," Dianne said. "She said, 'Oh my stomach is hurting so bad mama!' So, I'm thinking, hey, it's probably contractions.' " 

Dianne called Darrell to come home from work with the truck to take D'Andre to the emergency room. 

"Before we got off the steps and into the truck, she (D'Andre) says, 'Oh, something's coming,' " Dianne said. 

Dianne called 911 to let them know a baby was on the way. Dispatch instructed that D'Andre lay down on the backseat. 

"And here we go," Dianne said. "The baby's head."

Dianne kept her daughter calm while Darrell held a flashlight to light up the backseat.

"I caught it. I unwrapped the little cord from around her neck. I held her in my arms and she coughed a little bit," Dianne said. "And then she started crying!"

"It was a blessing to see something like that," Darrell said. "It was the furthest thing from my mind for something like that to happen."

Dianne said the baby and mother are doing well. 

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