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Putting the 'Wax Vac' to the test

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The 'Wax Vac' is probably one of the most requested 'as seen on TV' items for me to test during the entire time I've been doing this series. After months on the prowl to find the sold out products in stores, I finally found it! This week I jump in the shower to 'Try It Before You Buy It.'

The 'Wax Vac' is designed to help you get water and other debris out of your ears safely. The product is basically a small hand held vacuum that is designed to pull water and even ear wax from your ears without the risk that comes with using cotton swabs.

The item comes with several different colored sanitary adaptors for the vacuum tip so several family members can use the product and not share any germs or gunk! The 'Wax Vac' runs on two 'AA' batteries.

I have to admit, even though there have been warnings about using cotton swabs to clean your ears for years, I still use them after my shower. So while I was about to test the 'Wax Vac' I had high expectations. Once out of the shower, ears full of water, I put the ear vac to the test. I noticed right away that it's very quiet on the ears, and only enters the ear just far enough to where it stops right at the ear canal. There's a safety seal on the 'Wax Vac' to prevent it from going any further.

After testing the vac on both of my wet ears, I unscrewed the safety stopper to see just how much water it vacuumed out of my ears. I was surprised to see very little! Only one drop of water was in the retaining section of the vac, and luckily, no ear debris or wax!

After testing the 'Wax Vac' I came to the conclusion that I'll just continue to use my bath towel or cotton swabs (very carefully) to remove any left over water from my ears after a shower. The 'Wax Vac' may indeed suck some of the remaining water out of your ears, but it definitely doesn't dry them. And for me, that's where the irritation comes from.

We found the 'Wax Vac' at a local drug store for $9.99. I can't say it doesn't do what it claims to do, but for me it's more of a novelty item than a real effective way of cleaning ears.

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