Juban Crossing bill scheduled for debate

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's a project that would call for a massive development endeavor filled with shops, condos and apartments.  It's also a project that is asking for the state to help foot the bill and the measure's authors hoping waiting a bit will help make it happen.

Senator Dale Erdey will be pushing for his colleagues to pass his bill through the floor that would use state funds for the Juban Crossing development - not to exceed $45 million over 30 years.  He says would be paid back and then some by a sales tax.

"There'd be about 28 to 44 percent new sales tax collected for the state so if we could pull this project off, it's not only could for the locals, it's good for the state as well," said Erdey.

The issue is expected to hit the senate floor for debate on Wednesday, giving the senate time to review the state budget passed by the house last week.

"There would be zero impact for the budget for the upcoming fiscal year and that's okay," added Erdey.  "We're waiting until then to take a look at the budget but at the same time we expect no fiscal impact this year."

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