Investigators say device found in West Baton Rouge Parish was a bomb

Investigators say a device found in a small neighborhood Saturday night on West Parkway Drive in the Port Allen area was a bomb.

"That would destroy basically this whole street something like that because it's so small and we're all close together. It's very scary," said a neighbor who asked not to be identified.

"According to the bomb squad and personnel the device was fully functional and capable of doing what it was designed to do," said Colonel Ritchie Johnson of the West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

Colonel Johnson and investigators from the Sheriff's office were joined by a specialized unit from Louisiana State Police and members of ATF among other agencies, as they contained the scene around the device and evacuated neighbors. The mechanism, according to police, was installed in a manner that would ignite upon operation of the vehicle.

"We definitely believe that the person that planted this device knew what they were doing," added Johnson.

The device was secured and deactivated but the situation is far from resolved and according to Johnson, the person responsible faces a number of felony charges that could go well beyond district court.

"In our conversations with the prosecutor's office this morning, obviously the person responsible for this is facing several felony charges along with the most serious being attempted second degree murder which carries pretty hefty jail time," said Johnson.

According to Johnson federal felony charges could be added as well. As for suspects, the investigation continues but police say neighbors are not in danger because a person appears to be targeted. However, that still leaves many nearby with unanswered questions.

"Explain it, what's next if they did catch the person or they didn't catch the person what's going to happen next?" said the unidentified neighbor.

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