BR Greek Fest continues despite weather forecasts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - While the threat of bad weather caused several downtown events to be canceled, it helped the turnout of the second annual Baton Rouge Greek Festival.

Greek food, music and dance drew hundreds of people to the Belle of Baton Rouge for the Baton Rouge Greek Festival.

"We love being here. We love being a part of this community. We love being in America, and we love doing this," said George Economides, who's on the festival committee.

Last year's inaugural festival featured the same elements of Greek culture, but rain kept a lot of people from experiencing it.

"It was probably, maybe 40, 50 people at one time kind of around and it was a little more sparse," said Phillip Wood, who went to the festival last year.

Seeing how last year's weather effected the festivals growth, organizers say they opted to move inside and not take a gamble on Louisiana's weather.

"We just learned how to do it better. We are more organized, we are more out there with advertising," said Economides. "And because we had some sort of success last year, it looks like people want to come here."

Those who came out to Greek Fest say they're glad organizers decided to roll with the punches Mother Nature throws make the necessary adjustments instead of canceling it all together.

"It's nice to come down to a cultural event in Baton Rouge. We, in my opinion, need a lot more of them," said Brian Spring.

"I think it's helping the festival grow and getting some more people down here and introduced to the Greek culture," said Kim Wood.

The New Orleans Greek festival is Memorial Day weekend.

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