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Free child abduction prevention classes


Master instructor Carol Smith teaches simple techniques that she says even a two-year-old can understand.

"Children and parents need to know these tricks and these lures that the child abductor are going to use," Smith said.

She's an instructor at the Montgomery Karate center and the founder of the "Stranger Danger Child Abduction Awareness and Prevention program.

"This is called London Bridge's. This is Andy. He will put both hands on top of the abductor's hands. He'll press very hard and as he goes in a circle. That could break the abductor's wrist with every rotation that wrists turns around it could break the abductor's wrists," Smith said.

Katrina Brock is watching her adoptive son, 5 year old Amos. She's feels he is more susceptible to a possible abduction because he's adopted.

"all the senseless things I see on TV and all around me all the time. It's just a scary world out there and we need to prepare our children the best that we can," Montgomery resident Katrina Brock said.

"You can grab the abductor's ear and go straight the ground," Smith said.

And it's not just kids, adults are also learning.

"If there's a chock hold, the most basic technique ladies would be to turn into the throat and get anything that you can into that throat to cave that throat in. Definitely go for the throat, this is a vital technique. If he chokes or if he grabs, we are not strong enough to hit his arms; ladies and girls, we are not strong enough to hit his chest. We teach you to come up with a palm hand to the chin. Go straight back and break that neck until you break the jaw or break the neck."

You can sign up for the free abduction prevention and self defense classes until next Friday, May 17th. The Montgomery Karate Center is located in the Peppertree Shopping Center near Chappy's Deli on Vaughn Road. For more information call 334-277-4911.

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