Soldier's homecoming surprise

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An afternoon that was supposed be spent plane watching turned into belated birthday surprise for one four year old on Wednesday.

Even with American flags, balloons and this welcome sign in sight, little Briana Allen had no clue as to why her family brought her to Baton Rouge airport today.

"She's excited about seeing some airplanes. That's why I can't keep her over here because she's excited about seeing airplanes," said Lindsay Allen, Briana's aunt. "I told her we were going to see airplanes, but she's going to be very excited and very happy to see her dad."

While waiting to see if the planes that fly out of BTR live up to her standards…

"I got a big airplane toy with a circle," said Briana Allen.

Little Briana passed time playing a few iPhone games and even took a moment to send her dad a special message.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to daddy. Happy birthday to you," Briana sang.

What Briana did not know, is that her dad had orders to bring him back to the states for about two weeks now and soon she would be able to wish him a happy birthday in person

"She's going to be super, super excited because she's a daddy's girl," said Lindsay Allen.

While she was almost hypnotized by her game, her favorite guy coming down the escalator quickly grabbed her attention.

Briana's aunt, Lindsay, says she was happy she could arrange this surprise for her brother and his little girl.

"I miss my brother a lot," said Lindsay Allen. "I'm going to be happy to see him...glad he made it back safely."

Lindsay says she does not know how long her brother will be in town before he gets another assignment, but she's looking forward to spending time with him while she can.

Briana's mother is also in the military and has been stationed overseas too. She is also back in the states right now, but will be spending some time with her mom for Mother's Day.

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