2 gun rights bills head to Senate floor

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There was another big victory at the Louisiana Capitol for those favoring gun rights in the state, as several House bills took another step in the Senate.

Gun control has proven to be a huge issue on the national stage in recent months and it's no different in Louisiana. However, lawmakers continue to prove they will stand strong on the side of gun rights.

Several House bills were introduced and debated Tuesday morning in a Senate Judiciary Committee. One bill makes it a crime to publicize the names of those who hold concealed gun permits. It generated plenty of discussion, as did another that would prohibit any future federal restrictions on the ownership and possession of semi-automatic firearms. Both bills moved through committee favorably.

The bills now head to the Senate floor for debate.

Several other bills heading to the Senate floor Tuesday would create a new school district in southeast East Baton Rouge Parish.

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