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Contact 9: Villa Del Rey neighbors concerned about abandoned house


A man in Baton Rouge has some pretty descriptive words he uses to describe his neighbors: snakes, possums, trash.

He's not actually insulting people. Wayne Roberts lives next door to some wild animals. He and some others in Villa Del Rey believe they are living next to an abandoned property, one that used to be immaculate. Roberts says he doesn't feel like the city is taking his concerns seriously.

"It used to be beautiful," said Roberts. "It was one of the original homes in the neighborhood, built in the 50's."

He says the home mysteriously caught fire in October 2012. The people who lived in the home moved out, a contractor came and gutted the house and nothing else has happened.

Roberts says he moved to the neighborhood seven years ago, and the home that sits on the corner of Monterrey Boulevard and Belcaro Drive was showroom ready. The yard was always kept up. But now there are two huge garbage bins in the yard. He says he's peeked over the brick wall and spotted possums and rats. The overgrown grass is hiding another problem.

"I cut it once, but I'm not going to keep cutting it because it's ridiculous. Somebody told me if you don't, you're going to have snakes galore. We killed a couple snakes on the side, from the pool...big green ones," Roberts said.

He says the neighbors took their concerns about the house to the home association, but they were told nothing could be done. So instead Roberts says he called the fire department, the police department, emailed his council representative and the mayors office. He also called the city's 311 number to file a complaint but says he hasn't heard back from anyone.

"I can't help but think if this house was on Highland Road or the lakes district, this would never happen."

Roberts says Villa Del Rey may be old, but the homeowners there want to keep the integrity of the neighborhood, especially with new people moving in. But he also realizes having the rundown home on the main road is not just bad for property value, it's an eyesore neighbors worry is a health hazard.

"I don't think anybody in the city council, city government really cares quite frankly."

David Guillory, with the Department of Public Works says they have been out to take pictures of the house. DPW now needs to figure out who owns the home and then determine if it should be condemned.

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