Holden woman's disappearance still a mystery after five years

HOLDEN, LA (WAFB) - Thursday marks five years since a woman vanished from her home in Livingston Parish. Her cell phone was found in the driveway and her car was found later, but Barbara Blount, 58, hasn't been seen since. Detectives with the sheriff's office say this is the only case they have not been able to close.

"Five years is an awful long time to go without knowing exactly what happened and where she may be," said Suzanne Honeycutt, the victim's niece.

What happened on May 2, 2008 in Holden is still a mystery to Blount's family and the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office.

"The piece that we needs not there," said Sheriff Jason Ard.

What investigators say they do know is that around noon that day, Blount told a neighbor she would be home, cleaning her kitchen cabinets. That night her car was spotted down a partially hidden road, about a mile from her house, but she was nowhere to be found.

Volunteers searched the woods, state police and the FBI were called in and detectives followed all the leads they received. But by all accounts, the crime scene was clean.

"It's just terrible going to bed at night trying to sleep and you wake up and see your sister looking at you, begging you for help and you don't know where she's at or how to help her," said Sarah Baughman.

Baughman says she remembers getting the call that her sister had been kidnapped. She says she raced from her home in Bogalusa to Holden. In all this time, she thought someone would have come through with a clue to crack the case.

"I've prayed that God would torment them so much they couldn't stand it anymore. They would realize they've got to tell somebody," said Baughman.

The family has found friends in the detectives working the case and still call regularly to see where things stand.

"Are you still working the case? Is there any new developments? What's going on? Sometime we cry when we call," said Honeycutt.

Honeycutt says family's been through a range of emotions. No one knows that better than Barbara's daughter, who's now trying to raise her own children without their grandmother. The family says Barbara Blount wanted nothing more that to have grandchildren. Today she has four that are growing up not knowing her.

The family says they need their questions answered, they want closure but they need someone to speak up.

"Their information may be the little piece of the puzzle we need," said Ard.

Ard says the case is still considered a missing person, though they are treating it as a homicide.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.

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