Honore works with SUNO on pilot program targeting youth

Retired Gen. Russel Honore
Retired Gen. Russel Honore

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WAFB) - Do some lawmakers have the wrong idea about the youth in Louisiana? Retired Gen. Russel Honore believes so and is working with Southern University at New Orleans to mold future leaders and change some opinions.

"Too many politicians I talk to in Louisiana say the way we'll deal with crime is we'll build more prisons," Honore said. "Well, how is that working out? Maybe we ought to build more schools. Maybe we ought to recommit ourselves to end poverty because there is a common denominator here. There are not many rich kids in Angola."

SUNO is testing a pilot program that provides full scholarships to young African American men. The students must abide by a mandatory curfew, daily study halls and counseling sessions. They must also commit to teach for two years after graduation.

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