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Accused 'mansion squatter' arrested again

(WMC-TV) - An accused squatter forcibly removed from an East Memphis mansion in March is back in jail Wednesday after a courtroom confrontation. Her new attorney is talking about the challenge of representing such a client.

Courtroom outbursts are nothing new for accused squatter Tabitha Gentry. She was jailed Wednesday for contempt after repeatedly interrupting criminal court judge James Lammey, following repeated warnings from him.

"It was not a wise thing," said attorney Claiborne Ferguson. "I know a lot of attorneys ran from the opportunity, away from it, and I would never run away from representing a citizen."

Ferguson said that includes a sovereign-type citizen who is self-identified as a Moorish National.

Gentry laid claim to a vacant mansion on Shady Grove Road. She moved in with her family before a SWAT team forcibly moved them out.

Ferguson believes that part of Gentry's case may have merit if she learns to cooperate with lawyers she called "communists" during her latest court hearing.

"She would still be allowed to represent herself, and I would be there just to answer questions... If she's willing to hear me and we don't know that yet," said Ferguson.

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