Jindal's political future uncertain amid declining poll numbers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's been an up and down career so far for Gov. Bobby Jindal.

As he enters the second half of his second term, his poll numbers have begun to fall and political analyst James Carville said he thinks he knows why.

"He does give the impression that he'd rather move on a bigger stage," Carville said.

Residents say with all the issues plaguing the state, the governor being out of Louisiana so much can cause friction with those in the state.

"I'm not really happy that he is out of the state all the time," said Paula Breaux of Baton Rouge. "There are issues here he needs to be taking care of."

But, other analysts, like John Maginnis, question why Jindal hasn't done more.

"I'm surprised he hasn't tried to turn it around," Maginnis stated. "One thing Louisiana politicians do is show themselves and reach out and be more available."

Carville said Jindal's motivation may not pay off right away, but it could be good for future plans.

"This may not be about 2016. Politics has its own rhythm. He just may not win the first lap, but it might be a good idea to take a lap around the track," he added.

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