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Hemingbough Plantation expecting baby peacocks

A male peacock A male peacock
A female peacock A female peacock
A female peacock tends to her nest of eggs. A female peacock tends to her nest of eggs.

Mother's Day is less than two weeks away, and two of Hemingbough Plantation's peacocks may be able to celebrate for the first time. The hens have learned from other peacock moms and nested in locations safe from wild predators.

The Hemingbough Plantation grounds are popular sites for weddings and other events. Just as famous as the picturesque landscape is the wildlife - especially the eleven peacocks which roam the property.

"We started with two 29 years ago, and all the peacocks that have been on this grounds in 29 years have all been raised here," said Arlin Dease, owner of Hemingbough.

Dease says two females, called hens, will soon have their babies on the grounds.

"They're in the wild. They have a chance to fly or to reproduce anywhere they would like," said Dease. "They're not captive in any way. I like the fact that they just choose to stay here."

He says these hens have gotten smart and laid their eggs in flower urns - hidden from other animals and guaranteeing they will grow up and become a part of the landscape of Hemingbough that visitors love so much.

"Many times when the bride will be having her pictures taken, a male will come up and just fan right in front of her...attracted to the white dress or whatever," said Dease.

Dease says once the baby peacocks are born they will all be moved into flight cages where they will stay until they grow big enough to roam the grounds.

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