Petition to change City Park golf course into a community park

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An online petition aims to close historic City Park golf course in favor of a central city park for many uses besides golf.

The petition's author is Baton Rouge Business Report publisher Rolfe McCollister.

He writes that the City Park golf course would be a better place for families and couples and others who want to relax or play in the huge winding green space adjacent to the lakes.

Jenni Peters signature is one of the nearly 600.

"I think City Park in the way that typical city parks are would be such a gateway to Baton Rouge," Peters said.

"You bring people here and walk the park, see the lakes."

At this point, BREC officials, who are in charge of the golf course and surrounding parks, say they are just in the listening stage.

"The philosophy behind a community park is that you and your family can come to the park and you can spend an entire day here because there is so much to do," said Cheryl Michelet with BREC.

"So the question is what is the best use of the land and that's what we'll be asking when we do the survey."

Golfer Larry Hodge said there are plenty of other parks nearby.

"Across Dalrymple there's a big park there," Hodge said.

"Cane's has a dog park and then they're thinking of putting a kids museum up there, so there seems to be enough area to develop without having to take the golf course away."

Neighbors in the area formed a special group to save the golf course which dates back to the early 1900s.

BREC officials say they have checked and the course is viable compared to similar courses across the country.

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