"Marlo Mike" found guilty of first degree murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A verdict has been reached and Michael Louding, a.k.a. "Marlo Mike" was found guilty of first degree murder.

He was found guilty killing of Terry Boyd, who was shot and killed in October 2009. Louding faces a life sentence.

Melieka Hulbert exited district court Friday evening a happy woman.  Hulbert testified in the trial because she was shot in the back.  Her husband was murdered and prosecutors believe it was the work of Michael Louding.

"Ever since this started, you know I've been re-living the whole thing - so I'm satisfied," she said.

The jury deliberated more than five hours before reaching a decision.  They asked two sets of questions during the proceedings.

"It took a while, but I think the jury was very serious," said Prosecutor Dana Cummings. "They took their responsibility extremely serious, and yes they made the right decision. It took them a while but were certainly glad they got there."

Five of the jurors were crying during the reading of the verdict.

"It's a difficult thing, simply because he is young," added Cummings.  "They did the right thing and I think they knew they were doing the right thing.  But its sad that he is what he is."

District Attorney Hillar Moore says this is going to end up being a landmark case for East Baton Rouge because of what happened.  He admits it's difficult getting cooperation in cases like this one.

"No one's running down here to become a witness, this case or any other similar case. It makes it real difficult," said Moore.

District Court Judge Trudy White will hold a sentencing hearing in mid-September.

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