Elderly woman in New Roads beaten to death

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - Family members huddled together in the front yard of a home in New Roads, agonizing cries of a daughter asking 'why?'and tears streaming down a granddaughters face. Signs of a family in pain, grieving the loss of a loved one.

Deputies in Pointe Coupee have a murder investigation on their hands. It's the first murder of the year for the parish and right now, detectives are looking for leads.

Inside the door to a home on Pecan Drive East is where Beulah Morris, 91, was found dead.

"It's a scary thought and frightening," said Rose Guerin, a neighbor. "For somebody do something to that old woman. I'm scared."

Guerin lives across the street from where Morris lived. She says the neighborhood is very quiet and most everyone who lives on the area is elderly.

Some believe whoever killed Ms. Morris knew her. Neighbors said there was no broken glass and none of the doors were kicked in. Deputies in Pointe Coupee have ruled out burglary or robbery, because nothing inside was missing.

"My mind said its something wrong," Guerin said. She said every morning when she wakes up, she looks through her bedroom window to see if the lights at her neighbors are on or off. Tuesday when she checked, Guerin says Morris' lights were still on. Something very usual because neighbors say Morris would turn her lights off when she woke up.

It was later that Guerin and most other people in the area learned Morris had been murdered.

"One little boy passed and told me 'somebody killed Ms. Morris," said Guerin. Her question now is the same one the grieving family has.

"Who did this...I would love to find out who and let me catch their neck and ring it. I could kill them too," she said. Strong words from a woman who says at this age, life shouldn't be taken from anyone.

Anyone with information that could help the Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office is asked to call the Pointe Coupee Sheriff's Office at 225-694-3737 or Crimestoppers at 344-STOP.