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Highland fire victim's neighbors tried to save him

Dudley's neighbors tried to save him from the fire. Dudley's neighbors tried to save him from the fire.
Jeremiah Dudley Jeremiah Dudley

It happened early Sunday morning in the 39 hundred block of Eddy Place in Shreveport, a fire broke out in Jeremiah Dudley's home.

We've learned that a lot of people came to the aid of the Vietnam Veteran, in hopes of saving his life.

Fire investigators believe that Dudley left something cooking on the stove then possibly fell asleep.

When neighbors heard his smoke detectors, they banged on his windows, and one man even tried several times to go into the burning house to rescue him - the heat and smoke was just too much.

Fire fighters who were called to the house were ready to fight a fire, but had to switch into search and rescue mode.

"We did everything that we could possibly do for him," said Captain Floyd Seamster with Fire Station 2.

"He was like a grandfather to my kids," said Elizabeth Flores who tried to help douse the flame with a garden hose.

Neighbors called 911, and could be heard hanging up on the operator. "He's inside with health problems, I'm going in," the caller said just before a dial tone. 

A neighbor told KSLA News 12 that he crawled in the house three times, but turned back each time because the heat and smoke was too much. When Shreveport Fire Fighters arrived, they were able to pull Dudley out of the home and into the yard.

"It was very hot in there," said Seamster.

The walls and ceiling were charred black, and a melted pot was found on the stove.

"…was really looking forward to hearing he was going to make it," said Seamster.

Dudley was treated by medical personnel but he later died.  

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