LSU athletic trainer recounts moments following Boston Marathon bombing

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For the first time, we're hearing from one of LSU's athletic trainers who was at the Boston Marathon as blasts shattered the finish line. On Wednesday, he recounted what it was like to be there during the bombing.

Ray Castle and a group of three student athletic trainers were at the Boston Marathon last week---treating runners. He says he was less than thirty feet away from the finish line when the blasts went off.

"Wham! At first it was like, 'Okay. That wasn't a fireworks display. They didn't tell us it was going to be anything about a fireworks display.' It was just really loud," said Castle.

Castle says he and his students, ran toward the finish line once they saw that hundreds of people were injured.

"Everything was controlled. Everybody knew what to do, and the best part was those students, athletic training students, some of them are first-year in their clinical," said Castle. "They were rock stars."

Castle says their adrenaline was pumping and they were all moving so fast to move people, he did not totally process that the Marathon was bombed until a few hours later.

"On this side and where I'm walking, it's an image of God. You know it's peaceful, people are sailing, it's calm. And I look on the wall over there near the finish line, and it is just an ungodly...a godless act that occurred," said Castle.

While he's glad one of the bombing suspects is in custody--- he says nothing the suspect tells investigators can justify what took place at the finish line last week.

"It's a godless act, but look at all the Godly acts that did occur that day," said Castle. "What there is overpowered matter what."

Castle says his family, church and LSU have provide great emotional support while he and the students continue to cope with what they saw that day.

Routine has returned for the group with the memories still fresh, Castle is teaching and the students are back in class.

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