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CPD officer shoots, kills dog


A Cincinnati Police officer shot and killed a dog Wednesday afternoon in Madisonville.

Police responded to a domestic dispute in the 4200 block of Eric Avenue just after 1 p.m. A man walked out of the home with his dog, a pit bull, then reportedly sicced the dog on officers.

Authorities say the dog bit the officer in the sleeve and wouldn't let go. After several warnings and telling the owner to call the dog off, the officer shot the dog.

"Preliminary indications are as the officer was trying to get away from the dog, or master of the dog, and disengage and yelling to the owner of the dog, ‘call him off, call him off', it was not occurring," explained Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief Paul Humphries.

The officer was not hurt.

Christopher Servizzi, 49, is charged with assault and resisting arrest. His bond was set at $105,000 during an arraignment on Thursday morning.

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