WBR Museum Recipes- Corn Bread



Three eggs, a quart of Indian Meal, a tablespoon full of fresh butter, a small teaspoonful salt, a half pint (or more) of milk. Beat the eggs until light and mix them with the milk. Then stir in gradually the Indian Meal, adding the salt and butter. This must not be a batter, but a soft dough, just thick enough to be stirred well with a spoon. If too thin, add more Indian meal; if too stiff, thin it with a little more milk. Beat or stir it long and hard. Butter a tin or iron pan, put the mixture into it, and set the pan immediately into an oven, which must be moderately hot at first and the heat increased after. A Dutch oven is best for this purpose. It should bake an hour and a half or two hours, in proportion to its thickness. Send it to table hot and cut into slices. Eat it with butter and molasses.

An Algonquian Indian word for a type of cornmeal bread, "pone" was primarily a southern dish.

Civil War Recipes: Receipts from the pages of Godey's Lady's Book,

Lily May Spaulding and John Spaulding, Editors

Corn Bread

1 cup yellow corn meal

1 cup all purpose flour

¼ cup sugar (optional)

1 cup milk or buttermilk

1 egg

4 tps. Baking powder

¼ cup vegetable oil

Place all ingredients in mixer bowl. Mix till well blended. Bake in greased pan 8" or 9" in pre-heated oven at 375° for 20 min. Makes 8 Servings.