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Montgomery residents respond to terror threats


The Boston Marathon explosions, along with news of a plot against a passenger train in Canada, provide that terrorism remains a threat in North America. But reactions seem to differ among people we spoke with in Montgomery.

"I don't feel safe. I don't go to crowded events, because I fear something's going to happen," said Tara Hammonds of Montgomery.

"I don't think you can predict when anything like that's going to happen and I think to be in a heightened state 24/7 I think is creating a false fear in people," said Chris Lantrip of Montgomery.

Others felt vigilance is the best policy.

"You gotta pay attention to what's going on around you. People laying a bag down and these people seeing them doing it, why don't they say hey you gotta come down here and pick this up," said Larry Criswell of Montgomery.

Security was top of mind this past weekend during the Joy to Life Run in Montgomery. The event occurred without incident.

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