Nearly 800 Baton Rouge runners honor Boston bombing victims

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Nearly 800 runners from across Baton Rouge made their way downtown for a special race on Saturday.  It was to show solidarity to their fellow runners in Boston---and their family and friends---impacted by this terror attacks.

They came out in droves to the state capitol, early Saturday morning, colorful running shoes and American flags in tow. It the baton rouge area running community's run for Boston.

"I know that I'm not volunteering, but me just making a stand and being in a community sense," said race participant Lauren Johnson. "And we just, we want to be unified and support them. Since they ran, we want to run for them."

"We still have to stand together, we still have to come together and support each other and pray that justice is appropriately accounted for," said Jeanne Peneguy, who also ran in the race for Boston.

Adam MacDowell was a part of the varsity sports men's team that ran in the Boston Marathon. He says, severe post-race cramps kept him from being in the viewing stands near the first explosion site. After such a terrible week, he says it's great to be home and even better to come home to such support.

"It goes to show you how resilient, not just our people are, but the running community when something like this happens," said MacDowell. "I mean look at the news, look at Facebook, look at how many people are doing these memorial runs for this event. You know it's crazy!"

One of the event's organizers, Brandon Williams, says the turnout of this impromptu race alone is a testament to the strength of this country and the tight-knit running community.

"We were attacked and the Boston Marathon did suffer, but we are going to come back. We are going to still run strong and the community's just going to keep growing," said Williams. "We're running with you. Boston strong!"

Jeanne Peneguy  tells 9News New Orleans will similar memorial race for Boston Marathon victims. It's set for Monday night.

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