First Color Run in BR comes with increased security

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A big race in the Capital City this weekend. The inaugural Baton Rouge Color Run 5K.  Thousands are expected to run in it, and race organizers and local law enforcement have plans to keep participants safe.

The Marriott Hotel on corporate is headquarters for the Color Run 5K race. Hundreds of eager runners came by to register, pick up race packets and purchase colorful souvenirs.

Race organizers say more than 8,000 people are registered to run.

"We're the happiest. I think we're the most fun. It's about fitness, it's about being yourself, it's a great time and everyone loves it," said Louis Wills, a Color Run 5K staff member.

"It's just a day to celebrate and be excited and have fun," said Erin Bailey, who's running the race with her friends.

But with this many people convening in one location for a race, just days after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, Color Run organizers say security is also a top priority for the event.

"We have more people on patrol, and we're going to be doing some extra precautionary measures before the race," said Wills.

Sergeant J.B. Slaton with State Police says the Baton Rouge Police Department will be the primary office monitoring tomorrow's race, but he says they will also have a presence too. Slaton says in his 12 years with State Police he never thought such security measures would be necessary for a 5K race.

"As the world changes, we have to change the way we police and we have to change the way we keep the community safe," said Slaton. "The State Police and Baton Rouge Police Department, we'll rise to any occasion."

Slaton reminds everyone that should not hesitate if they see any suspicious activity during the race - or any time for matter. The Color Run starts Saturday at 10 a.m. downtown.

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