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Parents pack MPS meeting to protest possible consolidation


There was standing room only at the MPS central office as parents expected a vote on just that.

"We don't have a recommendation for you today," said the school system's consultant Ken Upchurch.

The school board tabled the vote to consolidate the central office.

Superintendent Barbara Thompson says there is information the board needs to review before beginning negotiations with property owners.

"When we get ready to present that we can give you that information."

But parents of Carver and Lanier High School students say consolidating those two schools has been mentioned as well.

Thompson says the discussion was informal and simply based off research studies assessing the school system's efficiency.

"I think you're gonna see discussions based on [the] report, based on what his recommendations are. We'll see what we can follow through with but as of this point I haven't made any recommendations."

And parents hope she doesn't.

"I think if they merge the two schools it would be a great mistake and it would be a sad day," says Lanier parent Dawn Nicholson.

"Not because we don't want to merge together, but it would not be conducive for learning. The school would be overcrowded," adds Carver parent, Patrice Jackson.

Thompson admits schools like Lanier High are old and student safety could be an issue.

It's a topic playing a role in potential consolidation discussions.

"Making sure they were structurally sound, safe learning environments," says Thompson.

Thompson says the first step to consolidating the central office is determining what work processes there are inefficient.

The school system contracted with a company to help address inefficiencies and could help save the system up to $12-million dollars a year.

The school board is expected to continue the central office consolidation discussion at the next board meeting Tuesday, April 23rd. 

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