Measure to slash the pay for solar panel users delayed

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The state Public Service Commission deferred a vote Wednesday on a change tothe energy metering rule. Under that rule people with solar panels couldbasically sell their excess power back to the energy company.

Commissioner Clyde Holloway, who sponsored the change, pulled the measurewhen he could not get enough support. "The lies that are out there and thefalse statements," says Holloway. "That were doing away with the netmetering is not true."

Holloway's proposal would not get rid of net metering, but it would cut theamount homeowners would get by 75 percent. Homeowners who invested with solarpanels were not happy with the proposed change. "It is said that we aresubsidized," Diedre Broussard said. "I have a system it does off setsome costs but I still have a pretty good utility bill and I pay for what Iused."

Industry leaders are also angry. "1,000 paying jobs, full time jobs,mostly technical oriented skilled electrical skilled labor," TuckerCrawford said. "Millions invested by companies, individuals who startedtheir companies who mortgaged their homes. I'm one of them."

Crawford said he wished the commission had voted it down to let homeownersknow the incentives will be around for a while. He says that hurts business.

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