Bill prohibiting federal restrictions on semi-automatic guns heads to House floor

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The issue of gun control took center stage among legislators at the Louisiana Capitol Wednesday morning.

Several bills were introduced in committee of the Louisiana Legislature and the debate soon followed.

The first bill generated plenty of heated discussion in the House Criminal Justice Committee. It is a bill that would prohibit federal restrictions on the possession and ownership of semi-automatic guns.

State Representative Jim Morris, R-Oil City, authored the bill. He said it is designed to protect against possible federal legislation that would attempt to change existing rights with regards to semi-automatic firearms.

The bill divided the committee, but did pass by a narrow margin. "What's next?" State Representative Terry Landry, D-New Iberia asked. "We're going to secede from our country, this great nation, when we start restricting federal agents from enforcing laws? Basically, that's what this instrument does."

"All this is, is our intent to say that we have this right under the U.S. Constitution and under the state Constitution," State Representative Eddie Lambert, R-Gonzales said.

Now the bill will go to the House floor for further debate.

Another bill that would make it illegal not to lock up firearms in a home died in committee by a narrow margin.

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