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Boston explosions hit home for locals


Colonel Chris Murphy is no stranger to unexpected acts of terror.

Before becoming the City of Montgomery's Public Safety Director, Murphy was in the Secret Service.

He was personally affected by both the Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11.

"I lost my training officer, my Secret Service training officer in the Oklahoma City bombing. I was supposed to be in New York at the World Trade Center two days after the 9-11 bombing."

Those experiences prepared him to react in emergency situations--knowing what happened in Boston, for instance, could happen anywhere.

With multiple events this weekend, including a breast cancer fundraiser run downtown "we're doing some things that we'll be doing different and the people will see an extra amount of law enforcement presence from the command post to uniform. And then there will be some things they don't see," says Murphy.

"In the end you can't control them anymore than you can control the weather," says local runner, Kristine Mantel.

The increased safety gives Mantle more peace of mind.

Still, races will never be the same.

"I think anytime someone gets up to the starting line the thought will go through their head,"

She just finished one in New Orleans and says it was a fun time with friends.

She regrets Boston runners won't feel the same after this race.

"I'm sure they were terrified. I'm sure that any thoughts that they had about that race just immediately went out of their heads."

And while the country mourns for the lives affected by the attack, Mantel believes it will only make her and the running community stronger.

"People will always run."

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