A Stark Reminder - A Message from LSU System Interim President William Jenkins

LSU System Interim President William Jenkins
LSU System Interim President William Jenkins

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU President William Jenkins released a statement on the Boston Marathon bombings Monday. Here is the statement in its entirety.

A Stark Reminder - A Message from President William Jenkins

Yesterday was another regrettable and tragic day in our nation's history, and our collective hearts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and to those who are facing difficult recovery from the tragic events in Boston on Monday.

This is a stark reminder that we must be vigilant in our everyday lives. We live in a beautiful world, but there is an evil element that requires us to have a keen awareness of our surroundings. We must not give up our freedoms and we must not let terrorism infringe on our everyday enjoyment of life, but we must nevertheless recognize that we live in a time when vigilance is a necessity.

So, be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity to our law enforcement officials. If you see something, say something.

This tragedy reminds us that life is precious, and we should cherish every day with our loved ones. One moment changed the lives of thousands of people on Monday, so we must remember that every minute of every day is valuable to each of us.

We are thankful for the brave first responders who consistently show true American spirit in the most unthinkable circumstances. We are thankful for our leaders who help guide us through times like this and set a path for recovery.

And we pray for the future for our children, that they may live in a world free of harm, protected from the evil that caused devastation to so many in Boston on Monday afternoon.

- William Jenkins, President of LSU