Black Caucus supports bill increasing tobacco tax

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The 2013 legislative session continues in its second week at the Louisiana Capitol with a number of bills making their way to the House floor for debate Tuesday afternoon.

The regular session of the Louisiana Legislature rolled on and for one group, the day began bright and early.

The Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus held a prayer breakfast at the Louisiana State Museum. The LLBC released its fiscal notes from its tax package and has vowed to stand behind a bill that will increase the state's tobacco tax.

The group said the tax will generate over $60 million in the first year implemented and more than $120 million per year after that. That bill hits committee early next week.

An interesting bill scheduled to make its way to the House floor for debate Tuesday would allow drivers to turn left on a red light when there is no oncoming traffic.

Nick Foley will have more on that bill later in the day.

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