Viewpoint: April 16, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and families of the horrific terror attack at the Boston Marathon. And, we are thankful that a group of runners from Baton Rouge who took part in the race are all accounted for, safe and sound.

We are also grateful for the courage and selfless acts of first responders. Dozens and dozens of first responders who were there to treat fatigued runners quickly became mash units. First responders immediately rushed in toward danger after the first bomb blast to help those hurt. Their heroic efforts undoubtedly saved lives.

We still don't know who did this or why. But, as authorities work to track down those responsible for turning a day of hope into a day of horror, first responders remind us that in the worst of times we also see the best in people. Their strength and resiliency give us hope and for that we are thankful.