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'Ultimate Dinosaurs' opens at Cincinnati Museum Center

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Opening Thursday June 13, Cincinnati Museum Center welcomes some of the largest and most unusual dinosaurs to have ever roamed the planet in the U.S. premiere of Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana.


Based on groundbreaking research from scientists around the world, this exhibition reveals bizarre, unusual looking dinosaurs virtually unknown to North Americans because they evolved in isolation in South America, Africa and Madagascar. 

Ultimate Dinosaurs features three augmented reality (AR) experiences, used in creative ways to bring these specimens to life and illustrate the story of how a dynamic Earth with drifting continents affected the evolution of dinosaurs, from a Southern perspective.

"We're very excited to bring these spectacular dinosaur species to Cincinnati on their first visit to the United States in this new cutting-edge exhibition," said Douglass W. McDonald, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. "This exhibition gives you the extraordinary opportunity to experience dinosaurs you've never seen before, in ways you've never imagined."

Surrounded by life-like environmental murals, the exhibition features real fossils, skeletons and 20 full-scale skeletal casts, many of which have never been seen before in the U.S. Museum Center guests will experience Giganotosaurus, possibly the largest land predator to have ever lived, as well as the crocodile-faced spinosaur, Suchomimus, the horned meat-eater Carnotaurus, and many more.

Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana tells the story of how continental drift affected the evolution of dinosaurs on the dynamic Earth during the Mesozoic, 250 - 65 million years ago. When dinosaurs first appeared 250 million years ago, the continents of the Earth were assembled into the giant supercontinent, Pangaea. As Pangaea divided first into Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south, and later into the many continents of today, dinosaurs were passengers on these moving continents. An amazing diversity of dinosaurs evolved on each of these separate lands. Their imposed geographic isolation helped promote their evolution into an incredible array of bizarre forms that dominated wherever they lived. 

Tickets go on sale May 1. For more information on the exhibition, programming and to make your reservations, visit www.cincymuseum.org/dinosaurs.

Also opening June 13, don't miss Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia in the OMNIMAX® Theater, the companion to the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit. 

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