Gun debate expected to heat up during session

Source: Beth Carey / Flickr
Source: Beth Carey / Flickr

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana State Capitol is quiet Friday, but you can bet this legislative session will be buzzing with plenty of back and forth over a dozen bills filed dealing with gun regulations.

Most of the bills being debated in the Louisiana Legislature are pro-gun. Only a few would tighten regulations. For instance, one bill looks to bar people with certain mental health issues from buying guns. Another would require you to take a training class before buying a gun. It's a proposal drawing mixed reactions from gun owners.

"That would be like having to take a civics class in order to vote," said Dan Zeleka with the Louisiana Shooting Association. "Voting is a fundamental right. The right to bear arms is a fundamental right."

"I don't have a problem with formal training," said Richard Moss with Shooter's Club. "I do think that if you are going to own a firearm, you do have the responsibility to own it and use it properly."

Gun control advocates say better regulation is key to reducing violence in Louisiana, while those who oppose stricter regulations say guns are not the issue.

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