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Cell phone video reveals brutal fight at Cavazos Middle School

Disturbing cell phone video reveals a Cavazos Middle School seventh grader being hunted down by a classmate and then pummeled repeatedly as student's stood and watched or simply passed by. Now, Michelle and Gilbert Rodriguez are living in fear after their daughter was viciously attacked in the hallway on March 26th by another student over returning some clothing.

"She said she just started punching me in the face and I fell to the ground and I said hold on," Rodriguez said.

This mother didn't waste any time getting to her frantic fourteen year old after she was attacked.

"That wasn't my daughter when I saw her. She had a real bad cut on her face and her cheeks were real swollen," Rodriguez said.

The video shows a group of girls, prowling the hallways for Rodriguez's daughter. LISD spokesperson, Nancy Sharp was shocked to see the video for herself. 

"This video was very disturbing. I have not seen that vicious of an attack before in my eight years at Lubbock ISD," Sharp said. 

"I broke down, I mean having to see my daughter like that. I was angry, I was hurt, I just lost my mind," Rodriguez said.

No teachers or administrators appear in the video at all and Rodriguez believes this would have never happened if staff members were doing their jobs.

"There was nobody in the hallway to help her. This could have all been prevented," Rodriguez said.

However, Sharp says this fight was a rare occurrence that the district is learning from.

"The campus administration already looked into what to do. This was an anomaly and we feel like we have instituted many systems to try to prevent these situations," Sharp said.

The student who started the fight was immediately suspended until next semester, but Rodriguez doesn't think that's enough. She says, her and her husband have demanded answers from the school district and have gotten no response.

"I feel like they didn't care what happened to my daughter, I was just another fight that happened there," Rodriguez said.

Sharp tells us, that's not the case.

"We can document over a three day period, the day of the incident and the three days following, there were seven conversations between school administrators and the parents," Sharp said.

Regardless, the couple hopes things change in the halls of Cavazos before it's too late. They have hired Attorney Davis Smith to represent them and although no lawsuit has been filed, they are hoping to see more officers on campus and compensation for their daughter's medical bills.

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